Every morning, I am like Red Riding, as I enter my cherry tomato forest, basket in hand, hoping that this will be the morning that my host of Super Sweet 100 cherry tomato plants finally ripen, and I can partake of a tomatoey super feast.

For weeks, I have realized that Super Sweet 100 is not just any cherry tomato plant. For one thing, it is a giant. In the above photo, you see that it has already reached well above my arbor that is 8′ tall, and although you cannot distinguish the fact in the photos, my Super Sweet 100 is covered with clusters of fruit.

Also for weeks, I have been harvesting one or two of the ripened tomatoes of my magnificent vine, and I am delighted to say that this little gem DOES produce tomatoes with an old-garden tomatoey flavor that deserves its name “Super Sweet.” I am a bit of a tomato snob. I grew up during the tomatoes, when tomatoes tasted lie tomatoes, and I am in a constant search for tomato-tasting tomatoes to grow in my garden. Super Sweet 100 has made that cut. Full-sized Pink Brandywine has also made that cut:


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Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes Are Truly Super Sweet – An Abundant Treat

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