Jacki Kellum is an artist, author, and avid gardener who is currently living in the Ozark Mountains.

Jacki’s gardens are not tidy and manicured affairs. Rather, they are true cottage gardens where vegetables, flowers, roses, and water features are closely intertwined, This blog Cottage Garden Living is a representation of some of the things that she has learned along the way, entwined with images from her own garden. Jacki Kellum attributes much of her love of gardening to her grandmother, who greatly influenced her childhood, and to celebrate her own childhood, she writes and illustrates for children. Her debut picture book will be released in 2022. 

Purpose of the Website and Blog Cottage Garden Living

  1. To share real-time photos of my own garden and to share tips for how I have achieved one thing or another in my garden
  2. To share the benefits of my garden research about plants, herbs, building garden structures, etc.
  3. To document the dates with thing perform in my garden. This will help me now what to expect in future years. It will also help other people know when theymight expect those same plants to perform in their garden.
  4. To share the paintings that I have done that were inspired by my garden.
  5. To share my garden journal posts day-by day
  6. To share tips for anyone else who might want to create the writing for their own garden journals
  7. To illustrate my garden journal
  8. To share tips for how I created the illustrations for my garden journal
  9. To share tips for how to bind the pages of an illustrated journal into a book