Although I’m getting a late start on this plan for this year, I am about to embark upon an effort to turn an iron obelisk that I have owned for years into a children’s garden area.

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Iron Obelisk in Jacki Kellum Garden in Water Valley, MS – June 22, 2023



This is a Better Homes and Gardens Plan. It fits an area 6′ x 6′.

Because it is a beginner’s kitchen garden, I like this little garden.

Plants for Creating the Small Children’s Vegetable Garden Plan

“On just a six-foot-square piece of land, you can create a colorful child-size wonderland filled with a few fast-growing veggies, fruits, and flowers. A simple bamboo-pole tepee covered with morning glory and pumpkin vines adds an irresistible element of fun where kids can hide and play. While the vines grow, seed the ground within the ring of poles with radishes. By the time your root crop matures enough to harvest, the vines will be starting to shade the space. Other edible favorites that children can snack on right from the plants include luscious tomatoes and sweet strawberries. Marigolds and tall sunflowers add some cheerful floral color, too.” Better Homes and Gardens

Plant List & Where to Buy Plants

TomorrowSeeds - Mini Mix Pumpkin Seeds - 30+ Count Packet - White Orange Mix Baby Boo, Jack- Be-Little, Wee-B-Little Untreated Squash Vegetable Seed ...

Image Credit: Tomorrow Seeds

‘Baby Boo’ pumpkin
‘Jack-be-little’ pumpkin

Baby Boo and Jack-be-Little are those tiny pumpkins that people use to make wreaths. I ordered mine from Amazon.


Burpee Heirloom Heavenly Blue Morning Glories Growing in Jacki Kellum Garden

‘Heavenly Blue’ morning glory

I only plant morning glories that I buy online from Burpee, The flowers from this heirloom favorite are 5 times larger than other morning glory flowers.

The red on the right side of the above photo is a stand of Pineapple Sage.

Sunflower Seeds for Planting - to Plant Mammoth Sunflower Seeds - Packet of About 100 Flower Seeds!

‘Mammoth’ or ‘California Greystripe’ sunflower

You can buy Mammoth Sunflowers everywhere. For 2023, I bought the following variety of Sunflowers on Amazon:


Tomato — Sungold, 4″ Pot
‘Sungold’ tomato – Cherry Tomato

The plan calls for Sungold Cherry Tomatoes. I may try those in 2024–the color works well for this little garden–but I normally plant Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes. Sungold tomatoes are rather orange and Super Sweet 100 tomatoes are very red.

For 2023, I have already planted a Black Cherry tomato plant and a Super Sweet 100 tomato plant to this space.

Black Cherry - Heirloom Tomato Seeds | Organic TomatoFest

Black Cherry Tomato – Image Credit Tomato Fest
Black Cherry is an heirloom plant, and this is my first time to try this one.

For 2023, I’ve also already planted some Scarlet Running beans in this area.

Summer Planting 2023



Crackerjack Mixed Colors – Image Credit: American Meadows


Light Requirements

Full Sun

Mature Height 36″ tall
Bloom Time Summer to fall


Image Credit: Ferry Morse

On the above map, I live in the orange part of the country. Although I could have started my marigolds in March, It is okay to start them as late as July. In 2o23, I’ll plant my marigold seeds on June 26.

Note: That Crackerjack Mixed Marigolds are tall. They can grow as high as 3 ft. I’ll continue looking for some shorter marigold seeds, too.


The plan calls for the Sophia mix of marigolds.

The Sophia Mix marigolds are the old-fashioned marigolds that you can buy at Walmart every spring.


Dirt covers three colors of freshly picked carrots.

Root vegetables such as carrots are good choices for fall gardens. (Photo by MSU Extension/Gary Bach

Carrot : Scarlet Nantes

Carrot Scarlet Nantes Seed

Image Credit – Trueleaf Market

“70 days. Scarlet Nantes carrot Seeds. Daucus carota subsp. sativus. Non-GMO. One of the most popular and widespread varieties of carrot ever, Scarlet Nantes has since been the original parent crop for countless of carrots now simply known as Nantes-style carrots. Scarlet Nantes is a hardy 19th century French heirloom grown for its classic 6″ orange roots that have since become the staple of the gardening world. Scarlet Nantes is a carrot with bright orange, slightly tapered, 6 inch roots; crisp, tender and flavorful; standard for high quality carrots.” Trueleaf Market

White Lisbon Bunching Onion

White Lisbon Onion Seeds - Non-GMO

Image Credit – Trueleaf Market
“40-60 Days to maturity. Allium fistulosum. White Lisbon Onion Seeds. Non-GMO, annual, perennial (see zone info), open-pollinated, heirloom, cold hardy, heat tolerant, drought tolerant, bunching onion. Suitable for growing in greenhouses, garden plots, raised beds, and containers. Resistant to disorders. This is the earliest bunching onion. Use this variety for canning, pickling, fresh eating, and stir-frying.” Trueleaf Market

Early Scarlet Globe Radish

Early Scarlet Globe Radish Seeds
Image Credit – Trueleaf Market
“20-28 Days to maturity. Raphanus sativus. Early Scarlet Globe Radish Seeds. Non-GMO, annual, open-pollinated, heirloom, spring radish. This is an early to mature high-yielding variety known for its bright red globe roots with white flesh.” Trueleaf MarketMississippi map of median dates for last spring freeze. For a list of Mississippi towns and their median last spring freeze dates, visit Median last spring freeze dates are Zone 1: March 1–11; Zone 2: March 12–21; Zone 3: March 22–26; Zone 4: March 27–31; Zone 5: April 1–10.

Nationally speaking, Yalobusha County is in Zone 7b, but in terms of the Mississippi Map, Yalobusha County is in Zone 5/

Next spring, I’ll add the strawberries and radishes to this little space:


I might substitute Easter Egg radishes or I might try:

Crayon Colors Mix Radish Seeds | Colorful Rainbow Yellow Pink Purple White Radishes Garden Root Vegetable Seed For 2022 Season Fast Shipping | TomorrowSeeds

Crayon Mix Radish

How to Grow and Take Care of the Ozark Beauty Strawberry Plant - Cool Garden Ideas

Ozark Beauty Strawberries

I grow Ozark Beauties in my garden, but I don’t get many berries. I probably need to throw something different at my plants, but they are a beautiful groundcover for along a path.

Children’s Area for My 2023 Garden in Mississippi – Plant List Included – BH & G Plan

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