Although it is hot as heck here during the summer, Mississippi has a long growing season, and several vegetables can be planted at two separate times — spring and summer.

I missed the spring planting time for turnips, but I plan to plant a patch of  them during the fall.

The Mississippi Extension Service has written an excellent bulletin that lists other vegetables that can be planted again for a fall harvest.

“Simply walking out the front door each day, we’re reminded that it is a blistering hot summer season. But believe it or not, now is the time to start planning and getting ready for the fall vegetable garden. [This was written in July.]

“We’re only 36 days from the meteorological start of the fall gardening season.

“The benefit of growing fall vegetables is that you can keep your home garden productive much of the year. It extends your harvest of fresh, homegrown, cool-season produce well into the fall and maybe even into winter. …

“A trick I learned a couple of years ago, and which I think this is a better choice, is to sow okra seeds in mid-July. This is perfect weather okra-growing weather, and these plants will produce well into October. (Bachman)

Bachman, Gary R. “Plan, Start Planting Fall Gardens in July.” Mississippi State University Extension, July 2022, Accessed 23 June 2023.

In another bulletin from the Mississippi State University Extension Service, “Pumpkins for Halloween are best planted in late June and early July. They require 90 to 110 days from planting to harvest.”

“Pumpkins.” Mississippi State University Extension Service,

Fall Gardens in Mississippi

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