Today, the Pineapple Sage has almost completely obscured my birdhouse, which has been a focal point of my garden for several years. But in April of 2021, 6 months ago from today’s date, I started a new garden in my new, old house, and both my birdhouse and I found ourselves starting all over again.

Check out my birdhouse’s home in September of 2021, only 5 weeks ago:

If you squint, you can see that some pineapple sage was growing in that spot 5 weeks ago. In fact, I planted those Pineapple Sage Plants in about May of 2021, and they have been creeping along for months. By September, I had almost given up on any hope that my Pineapple Sage would produce this year. But Perennials are great teachers. They teach us the importance of being patient.

Five weeks later, my Pineapple Sage plants [I think that I only set out 3 small plants] have moved into the fast lane, and they are glorious right now. My birdhouse is gauge. Now let’s look at that same spot in August, when the Cannas were King of the Road:


I planted my Cannas behind m Pineapple Sage.

My birdhouse is to the immediate right of the iron arbor in the above photo.

I knew that my Cannas would be almost shot by early fall, and I hoped that the Pineapple Sage would move to the forefront and obscure them as they withered into the past. And that is what happened.

My birdhouse on August 29, 2021

The above is another photo of my birdhouse. That photo was taken in mid-summer. Notice the rose trellis to the left of the birdhouse. At that point, I was proud that my Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes were climbing on that trellis. Today, on October 24, 2021, the cherry tomatoes have completely covered that trellis, and I am still picking cherry tomatoes. But my heirloom morning glory Heavenly Blue has dominated that trellis now.

But Brace yourself. The following photo shows how that area looked in April of 2021:

I couldn’t stand the ugliness, and I immediately set myself on the path toward changing what I couldn’t stand. I began by building raised beds, and by lining those beds with cardboard–to prevent weeds from overtaking my effort.

I filled the beds with garden soil, and the following photo shows that same area on August 2, 2021:

But by October 24, 2021, my Birdhouse is Bounding with Blooms.


Saga of My Birdhouse – See How Things Changed in 6 Short Months

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