I lived most of my life in Mississippi, and nothing sings the song of Mississippi more eloquently than Camellias. Currently, I live in the Ozark Mountains, and I no longer have the advantage of Mississippi’s Planting Zone. One of the standouts of a Mississippi winter is its abundance of Yuletide Camellias.

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Yuletide Camellia

Yuletide’s reddish-pink and dark green are perfect accents during Christmas time. Unfortunately, Yuletide will not survive wintertime in the Ozarks. Yuletide is a Sasanqua Camellia, and it is also one of the larger of the Camellia varieties. Yuletide grows to a height and width of up to 8′. It is hardy in Zones 8 – 10.

“Camellia sasanqua shrubs are more sun tolerant than Camellia japonica, but slightly less cold hardy (USDA Hardiness Zone 7 – 9).” Gardenia.net

Winter’s Star Camellia

Winter’s Star can tolerate a slightly cooler climate. It should be able to survive in Zone 7 and warmer. It grows moderately fast, and it can also reach a height and width of 8′ – 10′

Shishi Gashira is a much lower-growing variety of camellias. It is another pink camellia, the pin of Shishi Gashira is darker and a hotter pink than that of Winter’s Star. It grows 4′ – 5′ tall and 5′ – 6′ wide.
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