It is officially too hot to be outside and therefore, I am inside today and planning my next year’s garden.

The plan centers around a bean pole teepee. You see some of my bean pole teepees in the back of the following photo of my garden:

May be an image of flower and outdoors

It is too hot to do much gardening outside now, and I thought that I’d share a little garden plan that I recommend for people who want to get a taste of growing vegetables in their yards. This is a Better Homes and Gardens Plan. It fits an area 6′ x 6′.


Plants for Creating the Small Children’s Vegetable Garden Plan

“On just a six-foot-square piece of land, you can create a colorful child-size wonderland filled with a few fast-growing veggies, fruits, and flowers. A simple bamboo-pole tepee covered with morning glory and pumpkin vines adds an irresistible element of fun where kids can hide and play. While the vines grow, seed the ground within the ring of poles with radishes. By the time your root crop matures enough to harvest, the vines will be starting to shade the space. Other edible favorites that children can snack on right from the plants include luscious tomatoes and sweet strawberries. Marigolds and tall sunflowers add some cheerful floral color, too.” Better Homes and Gardens

Plant List & Where to Buy Plants

You can buy Baby Boo and Jack-be-Little pumpkins everywhere. I ordered mine from Amazon.

‘Baby Boo’ pumpkin
‘Jack-be-little’ pumpkin

Burpee Heirloom Heavenly Blue Morning Glories Growing in Jacki Kellum Garden

main gallery photo
‘Heavenly Blue’ morning glory

I only plant morning glories that I buy online from Burpee, The flowers from this heirloom favorite are 5 times larger than other morning glory flowers.

Sunflower Seeds for Planting - to Plant Mammoth Sunflower Seeds - Packet of About 100 Flower Seeds!

‘Mammoth’ or ‘California Greystripe’ sunflower

You can buy Mammoth Sunflowers everywhere, too. You can even get them at Walmart.

Easter Egg II - Radish Seed | Johnny's Selected Seeds
‘Easter Egg’ radish

Or I might try:

Crayon Colors Mix Radish Seeds | Colorful Rainbow Yellow Pink Purple White Radishes Garden Root Vegetable Seed For 2022 Season Fast Shipping | TomorrowSeeds

Crayon Mix Radish

How to Grow and Take Care of the Ozark Beauty Strawberry Plant - Cool Garden Ideas

Ozark Beauty Strawberries

I grow Ozark Beauties in my garden, but I don’t get many berries. I probably need to throw something different at my plants, but they are a beautiful groundcover for along a path.
‘Tristar’ or ‘Ozark Beauty’ strawberry

Tomato — Sungold, 4″ Pot
‘Sungold’ tomato – Cherry Tomato

The plan calls for Sungold Cherry Tomatoes. I may try those in 2023–the color works well for this little garden–but I normally plant Super Sweet 100 Cherry Tomatoes. Sungold tomatoes are rather orange and Super Sweet 100 tomatoes are very red.

Gem Marigold Mix (Tagetes tenuifolia) - Annie's Heirloom Seeds

Marigold Gem Mix

The plan calls for the Sophia mix of marigolds, but I think I’ll try the Gem Mix.

The Sophia Mix marigolds are the old-fashioned marigolds that you can buy at Walmart every spring.

May be an image of outdoors

Pumpkin Vine in  Jacki Kellum Garden

I recommend growing pumpkins for anyone who enjoys watching their plants grow. They produce big, vibrant vines and marvelous powdery gold flowers. I grow several types of pumpkins, and the flowers are similar for all of them.

Time to Start Planning Next Year’s Garden – Try This Little Garden with Mini Pumpkins & Morning Glories

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