September 3, 2021 – Friday.

Joy Comes in the Morning

First thing this morning, an errand imposed upon me the task of going out my side, back door before I went out my back, back doors. The area outside my side, back door is where I park my car, and it is not, in any way, a paradise garden that I have created. Yet, when I walked out that door this morning, I discovered that in spite of any of my efforts there, God has been growing his own garden paradise along the side of my house. Wild morning glories have framed my back door on the side of my house, and they have brought me joy.

Wild Morning Glories Outside Jacki Kellum’s Side, Back Door

Normally, my first steps outside in the morning are out my glass doors into the garden that surrounds my patio. Yesterday, I took several minutes out of my day, and I hammered nails along the eaves of my house back there. And then, I wired some of the longer of my wisteria vines to those nails. I bought that wisteria plant last spring, and in its second year, it has finally begin to grow. But again, I bought that wisteria plant, and I dug a hole, and I placed it where I wanted it to grow. Although God created that wisteria plant, I commandeered it, and I took control of it from there. By George, I even took a hammer, nails, and florist wire to be sure that I got my way about where my wisteria is growing. The wild morning glories along the side of my house are part of God’s garden. They are growing and flourishing where God wanted them to grow. I had nothing to do with them.

Wild Morning Glory–some call it a noxious, invasive weed. But in my opinion, it is a lovely, blooming flower. Although this little gem does not produce a large, showy blossom like the heirloom morning glories that my grandmother grew, it is still a beautiful little plant. Its delicately thin vines trail and twist around everything near them, and from those vines small, crystal blue bells lift up their heads and whisper into the wind. Today, these wild and sweet blossoms are the first of the glorious things that I’ll experience from my garden today.

I cannot help but recall the scripture: “Joy cometh in the morning.” – Psalm 30:5


Joy Comes in the Morning: Wild Morning Glories Blooming in My Yard – September 3, 2021 – Jacki Kellum Journal

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