September 2, 2021 – Thursday.

It is another relatively cool day today. No, it is not a flannel shirt day. I’m just saying that instead of a 100-degree morning, it is more like 80 degrees outside. I need to do some planting, and the temperature is better today for doing than that than it was last week.

I went to the store yesterday to buy just a few fall plants. I also bought a few bulbs to plant. I know that I won’t begin enjoying the bulbs until next spring, but as far as gardening goes, I continuously look ahead. Even though I’m trying to achieve better mindfulness by writing in my journal–even though I’m trying to focus more on the moment–a huge part of gardening for me is planning for what’s coming next.

I brought out the big, wooden Jack-O-Lantern that I bought several years ago in New Jersey. It is a miracle that this guy made the move back to the South. In order to save money on moving costs, I brought very few things from New Jersey. I left all my furniture there and much of everything else, too. Yet, I managed to find a way to get old Jack from there to here. But now, I’m talking about the past.

Yes, part of my reason for gardening is that of being more Mindful of the present. Yet, Gardening for me involves planning ahead, and that is how I want it to be. In reality, mindfulness of the present is important, but for me, Life Is More of a 2-Step Dance: One Foot Forward, Once Foot Back, and One Foot Hovering–In Between.

Life Is Just A 2-Step Dance: Celebrating Fall & Planning for Next Spring In My Garden – September 2, 2021 – Jacki Kellum Garden Journal

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