I have a very distinctive taste in gardening–it is a bit like me. My garden is loud–in a prayerful sort of way. The colors in my garden clamor for attention and as they call, they challenge each other.

But during the spring and early summer, my garden invariably starts out in a soft daffodil and purple pansy sort of way.

May be an image of outdoors
Jacki Kellum Garden April 5, 2021

During the early part of the summer, i have a lot of light pinks, too, and during that time, I can’t grow enough lavender and trailing purple verbena. I love the look of lavenders growing with pinks.

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Jacki Kellum Garden in May – Gene Boerner rose.
But as the temperatures increase, the colors of my garden also begin to flame. Somehow, I feel the need to dance with the heat.

May be an image of flower and outdoors
Planter in Jacki Kellum Garden July 28, 2021
Coral Impatiens and Portulaca or Moss Rose

May be an image of flower and natureJacki Kellum Garden July 28, 2021
Dragon Wing Begonia and Zinnias

Zippy Zany Zinnias,
Dancing Up & Down,
Carousel of Magic,
Circus Come to Town.
©Jacki Kellum – Garden Songs

Flower, Floral, Golden, Daisy, Black-Eyed-Susan, Yellow

I prefer a garden that is a hodge podge celebration to one that is more formal, and black-eyed Susans or Rudbeckias are a hallmark of my garden.

May be art of African daisy and nature
Black-Eyed Susans – Jacki Kellum Acrylic Painting

Although I love roses, I only grow roses that are not fussy and formal. I am simply not a fussy, formal kind of gal.


Jacki Kellum Scarecrow


I’m A Black-Eyed Susan Kind of Gardener

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