Which Is the Better Value Miracle-Gro Garden Soil on Sale or Plain Timberline Topsoil?

Spring is the biggest season for gardeners, and garden centers have traditionally established a date in either March or April to sell soil, mulch, plants, etc, at great sales prices. The 2019 Spring Black Friday sales run from April 4 until April 17, and I plan to stock up on Miracle-Gro Garden Soil for In-Ground Use.

When Miracle-Gro Garden Soil is not on sale, I buy the 40# bags of Timberline Topsoil that almost always costs $2.19 per bag.


Miracle-Gro Garden Soil normally sells for $4.36 per regular-sized bag, but during the Spring Black Friday Sale, the bags sell for $2.00 each. At a quick glance, it would seem that during the Spring April Friday, the Miracle-Gro is a cheaper price on dirt than plain Timberline Top Soil, but realize that the $2.00 bag of Miracle-Gro is .75 cubic feet [which ostensibly is the same quantity as a 40# bag]. In reality, the 40# bag of Timberline has more actual dirt.

The Miracle-Gro Garden Soil contains a large amount of bark filler. In fact, some people complain because they believe that the Miracle-Gro Garden Soil has too much filler, but that is not the full reality. In most lawns, the bark in the Miracle-Gro is needed to rebuild and drain the soil. When you figure that the Miracle-Gro has fertilizer to last 3 months, too, you realize that for planting purposes, the Miracle-Gro on sale truly is the best value for plantings.

If, however, you merely need to fill holes, to raise walkways, etc., the Timberline is probably the best value for mere dirt.

Here is another delightful thing about the Miracle-Gro: For those of us who are getting older, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to lift and tote 40# bags of dirt–it is almost impossible to lift the dirt after it has sat in the rain. Compared to the 40# bag of Timberline Soil, lifting Miracle-Gro Garden Soil is a piece of cake.

Unless you live in a place that is almost all rocks [lilke where I live in the Ozark Mountains], it is best to mix your fibrous Miracle-Go in with your native soil.

In my rocky soil, there IS NO native soil for planting. My plan is to buy both Timberline Topsoil and the Miracle-Gro together and to mix them together to fill raised beds. I believe that the Miracle-Gro alone will indeed be too fibrous and filled with bark to create good garden beds.