The Fairy – Small. Pink, Shade-Tolerant & Disease-Resistant Rose Bush

Because of its natural simplicity, the Fairy Rose is a sweet little accent for cottage gardens. Becaulsle it is also shade tolerant, it is a dream for my garden. Because it is disease-resistant, it should be a a first consideration for many gardens.

“For many, many months on end, this shrub churns out long canes nearly overwhelmed by their bounty of 1½-inch, bubblegum-pink blooms that offer a light apple fragrance! A single spray is a bouquet for which you’ll need a rather large vase! Minimal pruning and deadheading can increase flowering. And the disease-resistant, glossy, dark green foliage stays lovely even when not adorned with blossoms. Ideal in the perennial border, in front of shrubs, erupting into color along the foundation, or the focal point of a patio garden, ‘The Fairy’ is an everblooming wonder!

“To create a solid hedge of color, we suggest you space plants 3 feet apart in the sunny garden. ‘The Fairy’ may begin blooming a week or two later than most roses, but oh, does it ever make up for lost time! This rose truly does have a magic all its own!” Jackson Perkins