The Easiest Flowers to Grow from Seeds in Your Garden – A Small Garden Plan to Grow Sunflowers along with a Few Vegetables

A massive winter storm is working its way across the United States of America, and the South is even making preparations for snow. Moments ago, I fought the crowds at Wal-Mart to stock my cupboards with groceries, but the garden area began tugging at me. It Is March 2, and there are no gorgous flowers growing in the nurseries in this area, but still,  sunflowers are on my mind.

Sunflower Too – Jacki Kellum Watercolor

To be perfectly honest, sunflowers are almost always on my mind. I love to paint them, and this year, I want to grow tons of them. I want to have planty to cut and to bring inside to paint.

Pamper Yourself with Pumpkins – Planning My Fall Garden A Year in Advance

I know that sunflowers are generally easy to grow from seed, and Better Homes and Gardens has a great design for a small garden that combines sunflowers, mini pumpkins, morning glories, strawberries and a few other plants. [I’ll share that plan at the end of this post.]

Last summer, I began preparing my soil for this year’s garden, and I have a fabulously long privacy fence in place. Unflortunately, I don’t have much sun in my yard, but I do have some sun and sunflowers are perfect for lining and softening a fence.  I have been planning for this year’s sunflower garden for almost a few year, and I felt safe in purchasing 4 packages of Mammoth Sunflower seeds to plant in about a month. Naturally, there were tons of other seds for sale, too, but before I bought every seed packet in the store, I decided to research just a bit. I want to know which of the flowers are the easiest to grow from seed.

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Cleome or Spider Flower

Better Home and Gardens says that cleomes and spider flowers are some of the easiest to grow from seed. They also say that cleomes are great for cottage gardens.

“A perfect cottage-garden plant, cleome bears spikes of fragrant flowers in shades of white, pink, magenta, and purple. It’s so easy, it practically starts itself — in fact, in many gardens it self-seeds year after year.Starting Tips: Spread seeds over the ground; they usually don’t need to be covered. Cleome seeds typically sprout in one to two weeks.” Better Homes and Gardens

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Better Homes and Gardens also says that cosmos is easy to grow from seed. They add that cosmos needs a lot of sun.



Larkspur is another easy-to-grow-from-seed cottage garden flower.