My Gene Boerner Rose Will Bloom for Mother’s Day

For as long as I can remember, roses and Mother’s Day have gone together. When I was a child, the people whose mothers had passed away would wear white roses, and the rest of us lucky devils would wear red roses.

I am a very lucky devil. This Sunday, I’ll be able to visit my 92-year-old mom, who is still able to live alone. I’ll look for a red rose to take her, but meantime, my first rose will be opening for Mother’s Day in my all-new, Ozark-Mountain garden.

The name of this pink rose is Gene Boerner. Here is some information about the almost perfect Gene:

Gener Boerner Rose is a beautiful coral pink specimen that grows to be 3′ to 4′ high. It is not a fragrant rose, but many say that otherwise, Gene Boerner is the perfect rose. It is a prolific bloomer, and after it is snipped and brought into the house, it holds its form. Gener Boerner is disease resistant and relatively easy to grow.

I garden because my spirit needs for me to do that. I also garden to grow flowers to paint.

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Old Blush Rose – Jacki Kellum Watercolor