It Is Spring, But I’m Preparing for My Autumn Garden – Planting Sedum Autumn Joy

It’s only April. The daffodils only quit blooming a few days ago. My climbing roses are just beginning to leaf out and reach toward the arbor. My hollyhocks are barely out of the ground, and last winter’s pansies are still in full bloom. But today, I began thinking about fall, and I planted 5 Sedum Plants: Autumn Joy.

There are several types of sedums. Autumn Joy flowers in late summer and autumn, and it is great for autumn gardens. But as always in gardening, you must learn to think seasons ahead. While other plants are flowering, Sedum Autumn Joy is great for its greenery, and during fall, the color of its blooms are wonderful accents for mums, pumpkins, and other autumn-flourishing flowers. Autumn Joy is magnificent when paired with ornamental grasses.

Sedums are a little different from other garden flowers, however. Their leaves are succulent, and they retain water. This makes sedum a good plant for drier areas and to withstand, long and parching summers.

The following video provides some background information about several types of sedum: