Focus on Old Disease-Resistant Rose Ballerina – Free Garden Plan

For years, I have been fascinated with old disease-resistant roses. Some of them are called antique roses or old garden roses. Although Ballerina Rose only dates back to 1937, it is one of the most popular of the old disease-resistant roses, and with its small, single blossoms, it adds an airy, light touch to any sunny garden setting.

Ballerina Rose blossoms are single, and they have a natural, almost apple blossom appearance. The plant blooms profusely, and when it is in full bloom, it seems to be abuzz. It is sometimes called the Fairy Rose.

“Graceful Musk Rose Shows Stamina through Fall!

“Save the last dance for ‘Ballerina’, the long-blooming queen of your garden from early summer into fall! A classic favorite since 1937, it draws rave reviews from its delicate, 3-inch blooms featuring a soft mix of white and pink.

“Ironically emerging from fat, rounded pink buds, the dainty, single-bloom cups open in dynamic, large clusters. A round, yellow eye, perhaps looking for a subtle show of appreciation, rests in the center of each cup, giving the flower the appearance of tights under a tutu. Like a good cup of hot coffee, you won’t want to miss a single cup.

“Set off by light-green foliage, ‘Ballerina’ offers a gentle elegance. Reaching up to 5 feet high and 3 feet wide as a shrub, the refined hybrid Musk Rose can be trained as a climber, reaching up as if doing a pirouette up to 10 feet toward the sky.

“Graceful, vigorous and classically beautiful, the flowers exhibit the softest in color with an artistic dexterity and subtle, yet enticing aroma. Just plant ‘Ballerina’ in well-drained, fertile soil and watch her perform! You’ll demand an encore!” Jackson and Perkins

Plant Height 10 ft – 15 ft
Plant Width 6 ft
Bloom Size 2 in – 3 in
Additional Characteristics Bloom First Year, Butterfly Lovers, Flower, Fragrance, Long Bloomers
Bloom Color Pink
Bud Shape Rounded
Flower Shape Cupped, Single
Foliage Color Light Green
Fragrance Light, Musk
Light Requirements Full Sun

Because of its mixtures of pink and white, I believe that it will look good, planted inear my Quck Fire Hydrangeas.

Pancile Hydrangea Quick Fire Is Early-Blooming: A Spectacle in Summer and Fall

Better Homes and Gardens has developed a free garden plan that incorporates a Ballerina Rose.

“In this sun-loving garden, climbing and shrub roses highlight an arbor and walkway; perennials like verbena, dianthus, and foxglove, along with hydrangea, provide variety and contrast. The overall size of the garden is 16 x 15 feet, and the plant list is recommended for Zones 5-8.” Better Homes and Garden

A. Rose – 1 Climbing [I am considering Eden]
B. Rose – 1 Ballerina [Disease Resistant Shrub]
C. Verbena
D. Dianthus
E. Hydrangea
F. Foxglove – 3