Fall Is A Good Time to Plant Lilies – A Free Plan for Planting Lilies Along a Picket Fence

A few days ago, a recently orphaned shih tsu and I resued each other, and now, I found it necessry to build a small, fenced area to protect her from the street.

 Jacki Kellum’s Cabin Home in Harrison, Arkansas

Since this photo was taken, we have built a cedar fence around most of the property’s outer walls,

but because the back of my house is so very high off the ground in the back, one of my dogs cannot climb up and down the back stairs–to go out for bathroom breaks.

Since moving here this summer, I have thought that I needed to build a little picket fence in front of my house, and that will become my dogs’ new yard. A picket fence is also a great place to anchor tall, flowering plants. I have ordered some tall, Germanica irises, and I will anchor some of them along this fence.

It’s Fall – It’s Time to Plant Germanic Irises in My New Ozark Mountain Garden

I have also ordered some Asiatic lilies that will grow well along the fence. Asiatic lilies grow from 18″ to 4′ high.

Lilium asiatic Mix Ace of Spades

Lilium asiatic Mix Ace of Spades

“Fill your home with exquisite flowers picked from your very own garden! These long-lasting Asiatic Lilies put on a magnificent display during summer. The hardiest of all lily hybrids, they return year after year and will multiply.” Bulbs Direct

Lilium asiatic Rosellas Dream

Lilium asiatic Rosellas Dream

Create an everlasting impression in your garden this summer with this exquisite lily in ivory white brushed with deep pink edges and a light dusting of freckles in the centre. Rosella’s dream is a very decorative lily for borders and large planters.

Night Lily
Jacki Kellum Watercolor Painting

Consider the Lily: How It Grows
Jacki Kellum Watercolor Painting

How to Paint by Intuition: Learn to Trust Your Inner Voice

One of my primary purposes for gardening is to grow a ready supply of flowers and other pants for painting. Another reason is that my spirit needs to live amidst the flowers that I plant to become my garden.

Better Homes and Gardens has created a nice garden plan for gardens with picket fences.  https://www.bhg.com/gardening/plans/easy/easy-front-yard-garden-plan/

Notice the use of Asiatic Lilies on the back side of the fence.

Front Yard

“Use a picket fence on the interior of your yard Many picket fences are used to define a property’s edge, but they can be useful and decorative landscaping tools elsewhere inside the property. For example, a picket fence can separate a lawn from a flowerbed or vegetable garden bed. It might designate a kids-only space around a playhouse or a work-only spot near a garden shed.” https://www.bhg.com/home-improvement/outdoor/fences/picket-fences/

I only plan to bring the picket fence about halfway toward the street from the house. In that way, there will be room to create another small garden area in front of the fence.

At the front of the yard, I’ll have a mailbox mounted on a wooden fence, and I plan to make that area echo the picket fence garden–I’ll use Iris, Lilies, and a Clematis