Cottage Gardens Have Curving Paths – A Free Garden Plan to Line A Garden Path


Better Homes and Gardens has prepared an excellent slide show, which lists the main components of a cottage garden. Among other things, they advocated the use of curving paths.

“Create soft meandering pathways instead of those that follow a straight, structured line. Many paving materials work in cottage gardens, including wood chips, stone, old bricks, and flagstone.”

“Cottage gardens don’t look designed. In fact, they’re usually exuberant, free-flowering, and sometimes even unrestrained. To get the informal look, avoid planting in straight lines or defined patterns. Let plants cascade over paths and weave through each other. It adds to their charm. And grow self-seeding plants that pop up in unexpected places.” Better Homes and Garden

The following is a Better Homes and Garden Free Garden Plan for lining a garden path:

Related image

A. Lady’s Mantle – 2
B. Heuchera Coral Bells Champagne Bubbles – 1
C. Asiatic Lily – 3
D. Scabiosa Butterfly Blue – 1
E. Siberian Iris – 3
F. Japanese Spirea Goldmound – 1
G. Tall Bearded Iris – 3
H. JapanesBarberry-1
I. Sea Thrift – 3