Build A Wall of Roses for A Gorgeous Garden Escape

Not long before I moved away from my home and garden in New Jersey, I had begun building a setwork of rose arbors. That was the final step in my effort to create a secret garden–a secluded and natural get-away. When it is possible, I grow fragrant flowers, like lavender, peonies, and irises, and strolling through my garden also becomesĀ an experience of aromatherapy. I built low fences to support my tall German irises, foxgloves, delphiniums, and peonies. During the first year, I allowed squash plants to climb up and through the trellises, but the roses that I planted there did not have time to grow before I moved away to the Ozark Mountains.This is my first spring in my new garden, and once again, I have launched my effort to surround myself with fences, trellises, and rose arbors.A 6-foot wall of cedar fencing surrounds almost my entire yard in the Ozarks. Once again, I’ll use that fence area support low-growing things and to be the background for other perennials and small, flowering shrubs.

I also have built a white picket fence in front of my house.

Once again, I’ll grow lower plants against the picket fence backdrop, but beginning next week, I’ll also attach upper supports to grow climbing roses, and to allow them to lace through my yard.

In the front, I’ll be growing Zepherine Drouhin and Iceberg climbing roses:

Climbing Zepherine Drouhin – Nearly Thornless, Disease-Resistant & Shade-Tolerant Pink Rose

In the back, I’ll be growing climbing Altissimo and Golden Showers.

Altissimo Is A Vigorous, Stately and Regal, Red Climbing Rose
















I had planned to cover my arbors with climbing roses, but I moved away before I completed that plan in New Jersey, but now that I am in Ark