Before You Plant Your Garden Consider the Ph Level of Your Soil – You Might Need to Add Lime

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My favorite] garden annual flowers are zinnias, but for the longet time, it has seemed that everyone can grow them but me. I believe that the problem has something to do with the Ph Level of my soil. In other words, it has something to do with the acidity of my soil.

For several years, I have lived in areas where I had to add and/or amend my soil, and the dirt that I have made tends to be highly acidic. In order to reduce the acidity of my soil, I have begun adding lime to the places where I want to grow most of my flowers and some shrubs. Azaleas like acid, and roses like a bit of acid. On the other hand, blue hydrangeas like soil that is more alkaline.

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  • Lime¬†and Sulfur
  • Lime increases the pH of a potting mix to around 6.0, which is ideal for plant growth in containers.Sulfur helps lower soil pH by cancelling out excess alkalinity.
  • Sulfur also provides plants with iron for lush, green growth and enhanced water filtration