Altissimo Is A Vigorous, Stately and Regal, Red Climbing Rose

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Altissimo is a rich, velvety red single rose with a golden yellow center. Altissimo has wiced thorns, and it doesn’t grow as an arching and suppple climber. Rather, it has thick, stiff canes that lend themselves more to pillars. This is a disease-resistant rose, and it tolerates a bit of shade.

“Presenting a sumptuous red that just screams decadence, Altissimo catches your attention and steals your heart at the same time! Its large single flowers are mildly fragrant and quite long lived, forming a blanket of repeating crimson blooms which scales surfaces with ease. From its scarlet petals to its golden stamen and handsome medium green foliage, there is not an inch of this climbing rose that doesn’t impress. Altissimo is a star player in the garden, boasting good disease resistant and cold hardiness to zone 5. Invite this stunning climber into your garden and allow Altissimo to sweep you off your feet!” Jaakson Perkins