Although the connection to gardening may seem remote, I’ll be including some of my textile art projects on this site, too. Invariably, my textile art is connected to my garden.

Garden at Blue Bayou – Jacki Kellum Embroidery

At this time, I am doing two types of textile art projects. I am doing some standard embroidery projects, and for those, I use DMC embroidery floss.

Autumn Rose – Jacki Kellum Textile Art – Drawing with Satin Chords

But for my Satin Cord work, I use an array of cords that I buy from China, and I attach them to fabric with tiny, hidden stitches. For that work, I only use Coats & Clark threads, which comes in spools.

Coats & Clark offers 50 separate spools of thread in an introductory package, and that is a good way to collect a variety of colors that will work for most hand-sewing projects. The spools in this set only have 125 yards, but when I use a color entirely, I replace it with a larger spool of the same color.

Although the package for the 50-Spool Set is only cardboard, it is a much nicer box than most cardboard boxes are. The top closes with velcro, and rows of fairly study plastic are inside, and that keeps the thread organized and helps prevent tangling.

Following is a List of the Colors and the Color Numbers of the Threads that I use from that 50-Spool Set.

100 – White

150 – Winter White

900 – Black

7260 – Mimosa

9272 – Bright Sun Yellow

9274 – Bright Gold

9277 – Bright Pumpkin

7750 – Kumquat

9225 – Bright Red

2250 – Red

9175 – Peach Tint

9218 – Bright Coral

1180 – Light Pink

1210 – Pink

1840 – Hot Pink

3040 – Rose Red

2820 – Barberry Red

3530 – Lilac

9238 – Bright Deep Purple

3690 – Purple

9145 Blue Tint

4310 – Icy Blue

9245 – Bright Sapphire Blue

9255 – Bright Parakeet

9257 – Bright Aqua Green

4540 – Copenhagen Blue – This is almost gray

9165 – Green Tint

9267 – Bright Kelly

6770 – Forest Green

6180 – Linen Green

8440 – Khaki – This color has a hint of light olive green


2980 – Maroon [This color is nearly brown]

8960 – Chona Brown

8140 – Golden Tan

9185 – Champagne

8360 – Summer Brown

8030 – Ecru

8010 – Natural


A few other color are in this set, too, but I do not use them. There are several multi-color spools, and there are 2 neon colors. In m opinion, the above set needs some more blues. The lac of blues is its weakest feature, but I’ll add those colors to this chart separately.



Coats & Clark Thread Best for Hand Sewing – Color Chart

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