Why Would Anyone Buy An Annual When Perennials Return Year After Year

Annuals That I Planted in 2017

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New Guinea Impatiens – I love the foliage of the New Guinea Impatiens

With the exception of impatiens and sunflowers, I normally plant only perennials. In fact, I’d venture to say that if it were not for sunflowers and impatiens, annuals strike me as a bit of a garden farce. If you plant a perennial in the correct soil Ph and in the proper light and in the correct garden zone, perennials return year after year, and while annual plants cost as muh as a perennial plant, they only perform one year in most garden zones.

But this year, I found some interesting annuals on sale, and I am trying annuals for a change. Here are my annuals for 2017:

Thunbergia Alata or Black-eyed Susan Vine is an aggressive annual vine that will grow to a height of at least 8.
Reportedly, it will choke out flowers and other vines, including morning glories in the flower garden.  On the positive side, it will rapidly cover a wall-sized trellis, and I have a view that I want to block. I can imagine that this will be beautiful in the fall. I a planting it next to my pumpkins.

Bacopa is a trailing annual with tiny flowers. Each plant can trail up to 2.’ It is nice trailing from planters, and it is also a good groundcover.

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Calibrachoa is like a small petunia that I have noticed for a couple of years. During 2017, I have bought calibrachoa to trail down the side of my waterfall, and I have mixed it with another trailing annual bacopa.

I also bought 2 Yellow Calibrachoas to mingle with my Purple Wave Petunias and Purple Fountain Grass in planters by my waterfall.


Purple Wave Petunia

Purple Fountain Grass

©Jacki Kellum May 18, 2017


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  1. I love the look of a Black-Eyed Susan vine and considered buying one but didn’t because as you wrote, it’s an annual and these vines aren’t cheap. I do see the value in annuals that re-seed themselves such as larkspur, old fashioned fragrant petunias, poppies, bluebonnets, and so forth. If I buy annuals, which isn’t often, then I look for those that re-seed.

    1. jackikellum says:

      I don’t understand why black-eyed susan vine is so expensive. I found my plants on a great sale rack.

      1. The cheapest I’ve found them around here was $12.99. I don’t know why they were so expensive either. I’ll definitely look at the sales racks. I still think it’s a lovely vine.

        1. jackikellum says:

          The Lowe’s here puts plants that are past their prime on clearance, and I often buy plants that are 80% off. These plants were in a little trellis pot, and each one was marked $18.98. There are about 6 plants in each, and I paid either $3.00 or $5.00 per pot. I bought quart-sized Wave petunias for $1.00. they had been priced at $6.00] I bought a 3 gallon Miss Kim Lilac that had been $60.00 for $10. Check your closest Lowes.

  2. Gail says:

    Such beautiful flowers and photos!

  3. Beautiful additions!!! Love them all

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