Trailing Plants – Creeping Jenny, Purple Homestead Verbena, Calibrachoa, and Bacopa

Something magical happens when trailing plants are unmoored and allowed to run adrift in the garden, meandering wherever and whenever they want.

In the above photo, the green plant is called Creeping Jenny, and I have noticed that it is being used more and more as an accent to large container plantings. You have to watch Creeping Jenny in the garden, however. It can creep completely out of control, but a dab here and there is nice–especially if it is allowed to dangle freely from one height to another. Because New Guinea Impatiens often have purplish leaves, they work well with the yellowish Creeping Jenny. Purple and yellow are complements. Red and green are also complements and this impatien’s  pinkish red flowers work well with the greenishness of the leaves.

Jacki Kellum Garden in Fall of 2016.

I especially like it when trailing plants are offset by other plants that shoot into the air. In the above photo, purple fountain grass gives this grouping a sense of height. Colorwise, the purple is offset by pale yellow-orange calibrachoas. The complementary colors purple and yellow were used in this planting, too.


I use Creeping Jenny all around my waterfall. Because Creeping Jenny drifts and dangles freely and also because it is a bog plant that likes water, it is a great specimen for naturalizing around waterfalls, ponds, and other water features. It is good about filling crevices and cracks that might otherwise detract from the water feature itself.

Jacki Kellum Garden May 2017

I have just replanted my waterfall area for 2017, and I am using trailing plants to capitalize upon the slope of the waterfall. The purple that you see is Purple Homestead Verbena. The pinkish purple is a vibrant wave petunia. The red is calibrachoa, but the flowers on this particular calibrachoa are much smaller than some calibrachoas that I have seen. Although you cannot see it yet, I have also planted bacopa in this grouping. It will cascade in drifts of tiny white flowers. I expect this area to put on a show in my 2017 garden.

Purple Homestead Verbena

Wave Petunias


Bacopa is a trailing annual with tiny flowers. Each plant can trail up to 2.’ It is nice dangling from planters, and it is also a good groundcover.

Jacki Kellum Garden May 2017

Fun Fact: I picked this little shelf out of the garbage. It was painted pink. I am just going with it–in its pinkness, and yesterday, I filled these little blue pots with bacopa and red calibrachoa. Beneath these pots, my blueberries have been planted, and they have begun their ascent to maturity. I am counting on these trailing flowers to help fill this area until the blueberries have time to grow.

Above the pots, you see a tiny portion of my grape vines. I have begun to wrap my grape vines around my sun metal hanging. When they are allowed some free will, grape vines can also have a pendulous and trailing nature.



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  1. novonay says:

    Beautiful Images.Such lovely looking plants.Thank you for sharing.Great Post!

    1. jackikellum says:

      Thank YOU for reading

  2. Purple Homestead Verbena looks amazing.

    1. jackikellum says:

      It is a great plant. It spreads and fills in beautifully

  3. Good to know creeping jenny can be aggressive. I love trailing plants so I’ve considered using more of it. Your shelf with the pots looks amazing. What a great find.

    1. jackikellum says:

      you can buy those shelves in the unfinished wood section of crafts stores. Thanks for reading.

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