Small Woodland Shade Garden Plan with Annotated Plant List

A. 3 Black Mondo Grasses

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Stunning contrast for the front of the border! Dense, purplish black, grass-like foliage is exceptional. Produces dark lavender flowers and purple fall berries, adding interest. Use in mass as an edging or tuck into mixed containers. Evergreen.

B. 1 Red Twig Dogwood

I bought 2 of these red twig dogwoods two years ago, but I planted them in a fairly shady area–a place that only had mottled sunlight. Although this plan suggests red twig dogwood for a woodland garden, I have moved my dogwoods to a place that gets more sun. If red twig dogwoods don’t get enough light, the canes will not turn red in fall and winter.

C. 1 Lily

Jacki Kellum Garden July 2015′

In the above photo, you see my stargazer lily.

D. 6 Astilbes

2-Gallon Astilbe (Lb11788)

E. 1 Hosta Frances Williams

Hosta Frances Williams, Hosta sieboldiana, Plantain Lily

This hosta plant grows to be about 4′ x 4′

F. 1 Siebold Hosta

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G. 1 Hosta Halycon

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Hosta Halycon has a distinctive bluish cast to its foliage. It grows to be about 2′ high x 3′ wide.

H. 1 Ostrich Fern

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Ostrich fern grows to be 3′ to 5′ tall.

This plan doesn’t call for hydrangeas, but most hydrangeas perform well in a woodland setting


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