Two Plans for an Engish or Cottage Garden to Soften a Picket Fence and Corner

My Memorial Day Holiday consisted of a free day to build a new chapter of picket fencing. I am quite proud of myself. I built the fence by myself. I bought the pickets and the cross pieces, and I nailed it all together. For dessert, I painted everything white.


One of my students gave me the little white birdhouse, and 2 years ago, I planted a Coral honeysuckle (Lonicera sempervirens). Keep in mind that honeysuckle requires full sunshine and an acidic soil.

Jacki Kellum Garden May 29, 2017

I bought this little red bird feeder about two years ago, too, and it has held up very well. It is especially brilliant on gray, wintry days.

Now that I have built more picket fence area, it is time to plant flowers along the fence. I found another of the Better Homes and Gardens plans that was designed to be grown along a fence Here

I like this plan because it shows the appropriate flowers to place on both sides of the fence. Consider that you are sitting in front of the fence area. You will want shorter plant on the front side of the fence. You will want taller plants on the other side of the fence. Also consider that you are sitting at about the spot marked as C, D, E, F, G, H, I. you will also want taller plants on the other end, with the tallest plants at spots A and M. I build shorter fences to stake my irises and medium-tall annuals like cosmos, lilies, and cleome or spider plants. I’ll use some of the plant suggestions for this plan, and I’ll plant other of my favorite flowers in the rest of the area.

A. 1 Hydrangea Annabelle

File:Hydrangea arborescens 'annabelle'1.jpg

Hydrangea Annabelle Height 3′ – 5′

Image result for hydrangea sweet summer

Hydrangea Sweet Summer

I have a white hydrangea in this spot, but my hydrangea is Sweet Summer, which is a paniculata hydrangea that grows to a height of 4′ – 5′

B. 4 Cosmos

D. 7 Snapdragons

E. 5 Campanulas – Bellflowers

F. 6 Speedwells Veronica Spicata – Sunny Border Blue


Better Homes and Garden Plan for a Picket Fence Corner Here


A. 9 Portulaca Grandiflora – Moss Rose

Image result for zinnia zinnia angustifolia

B. 9 Zinnias

Image result for dusty miller flower

C. 12 Dusty Millers

Image result for petunia

D. 2 Petunias

Image result for butterfly bush

  1. Butterfly Bush

The front of the corner is planted with popular annuals. Behind the corner, a Butterfly Bush is planted





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  1. It sounds so pretty. I love picket fences. Can’t wait to see your picket fence with the flowers in place.

    1. jackikellum says:

      You are the best cheerleader

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