My Waterfall and Pond Have Begun to Sizzle – Getting Ready for a Late-Summer Explosion of Color

My pond has become a smorgasbord of plants, and all of the blooms and blossoms compete for attention. This year, I bought 3-gallon pot filled with the Louisiana Iris variety named Red Velvet Elvis. I bought him before he had begun to bloom, and I was afraid that he was going to be one of those brownish-purple flowers that I hate to plant in my garden, but now, he is blooming and has become the star of my late-spring garden.

During the latter part of summer and during early fall, my hardy hibiscuses lead the parade.

Jacki Kellum Garden August 2015

Hardy Hibiscus Fireball – Jacki Kellum Garden

I grow the Hardy Hibiscus Fireball and the Hardy Hibiscus Copper King, Both of these plants have large blossoms and magnificent foliage.


Copper King’s foliage is almost purple. You see him on the left side of the metal heron’s head. He has a pale pinkish-white bloom.

What you cannot see in the first photos is that until this year, the area behind the waterfall was still very low. In another post, I explained that the area where the waterfall sits used to be at least 6 feet lower than it is now. Over the past 7 or 8 years, I have been composting newspapers, leaves and grass clippings. Gradually, I have elevated the height of the entire side of my property.

Jacki Kellum Garden Pond May 1, 2017

I wanted the waterfall to be even higher than ground level, and by May 1 of 2017, I still needed more soil to fill behind the stones and concrete blocks. When my taller plants were blooming, I could get away with the facade, but until the big blooms began, my water area always looked bad.


Jacki Kellum Garden Pond May 28, 2017

For the past few weeks, I have been working to resolve this problem. I began by adding several bags of soil, and now, the soil is almost as high as each of the stones in the waterfall. Therefore, I have been able to plant a variety of smaller plants that will spill over the rocks. The tiny yellow and purple flowers are calibrachoas, and you also see purple wave petunias in the above photo. The tiny white blooms are bacopa.

A couple of days ago, my huge sycamore tree dropped an enormous limb. When the limb fell, it broke into pieces. I have reassembled it behind the short plants. It helps to naturalize the area and give it unity.

I am glad that I was able to plant these small, trailing plants this season, but when there are too many small plants and no focal point, my garden was looking a lot like pizza, but it is still early and the perennials have not begun their part of the show. The height and the size of the perennials will add more variety.

Centaurea Amethyst Dream – Perennial Bachelor’s Button

I have planted Centaurea Amethyst Dream. There are hundreds of types of Centaurea, and this is a shorter variety. It grows to be about 20″ tall.

Next to my Centaurea, my Rudbeckia is about to bloom.

Jacki Kellum Garden September 2015

I have also planted purple fountain grass. By fall, it will begin to pop. It will grow to a height of about 3′ and to a similar width. Purple Fountain Grass is not perennial in Zone 7. I have to buy it each spring, but it is gorgeous by fall.

Japanese Silver Grass

During the fall, my Japanese Silver Grass will begin to strut with its tall, pinkish-white feathery flowers that shoot above its backdrop of white-on-green foliage. Japanese Silver Grass is perennial, and I have cut back all of the dead from last year. I see the green slowly returning now. Japanese Silver Grass grows to a height of 6′ and the area around it looks a little empty until it begins to mature.

My pond and waterfall area has begun to teem with energy. I have at least one full-time frog now, and every time I near the pond, he plops from the bank into the water. I have bought a herd of goldfish that I hope will clear the water of algae and duckweed. I have resolved several of the problems that I had in my pond area before now, and the plants have begun to sizzle and pop.  By fall, I expect this area to explode.

©Jacki Kellum May 29, 2017








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  1. Beautiful pond, beautiful photos, beautiful post, beautiful Jacki Kellum!

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      Wow! You made my Memorial Day Monday Magnificent. Thanks for reading. Happy Holiday to you.

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  2. Your blog is like taking a vacation, or like a vacation should be, beautiful and relaxing.

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      I can’t afford to travel, and I decided to just make my own resort spot right here at home.

  3. I love the whole post. The photos are really beautiful. Great job. Bravo!

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      Thank you very much.

  4. I can’t imagine just how much work that must have been to raise the soil level so much. Kudos to you! Your flowers are just beautiful, and they make it worth it. Wish you were my neighbor!

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